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About Doctor

Dr. Supasid Jirawatnotai, also known as Dr. Add, possesses board certification as a plastic and reconstructive surgeon, with a particular focus on facial plastic and reconstructive procedures. He is based in Bangkok, Thailand.

With a career spanning from 2012 onwards, he has dedicated his expertise to the field of plastic surgery. His work encompasses a diverse range of cases, including individuals affected by head and neck deformities, injuries, physical disfigurements, alongside a notable array of cosmetic enhancements.
While under the guidance of the renowned pioneer of reconstructive rhinoplasty, the late Dr. Gary Burget, and Dr. Montien Lueprapai, Dr. Supasid directed his attention toward the intricate art of nasal reconstruction, aiming to enhance both its aesthetic and functional aspects. Within the realm of cosmetic surgery, Dr. Supasid has gained considerable recognition for his expertise in performing rhinoplasty and corrective rhinoplasty procedures, employing autologous cartilage grafting techniques. This technique is now popular among Asian women seeking nasal improvement and correction of implant complications.
Following his return from a fellowship training in facial plastic surgery at Erasmus MC in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, and a brief training in maxillofacial surgery at the Royal Melbourne Hospital in Australia, Dr. Supasid acquired a deeper and more comprehensive understanding of the face, particularly in the realms of reduction rhinoplasty and facelift procedures. He has attended to a large number of cosmetic medical tourists from various corners of the globe.

“I observe your character, and listen to your requests. I demonstrate how I can enhance you in any aspect for your benefit. I handle feedback with professionalism and relentlessly pursue optimal outcomes, grounded in the realm of possibility.”

“I recognize the significance of operating within top-tier medical facilities. Proficient in a range of cosmetic surgical procedures including rhinoplasty, blepharoplasty, facelift, and fat transfer, my professional commitment is devoted solely to evidence-based, well-established methods that prioritize minimal complications and utmost safety and satisfaction.”

Certified Specialist

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“The distinction of a board-certified plastic surgeon lies in the depth of training, expertise, and accountability”

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Dr. Supasid exclusively performs surgeries in accredited hospitals to guarantee the provision of high-quality services and ensure safety.

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